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The Minnesota Diet Research Center

What We Do

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whatwedo2Alimentix has comprehensive and deep bench strength in science as well as clinical trials, regulatory affairs and quality systems. We combine our background knowledge with an extensive experience conducting clinical trials of all types including drug, medical device, dietary supplements, foods, human use investigations, etc. We develop pre-clinical (as needed) and clinical study protocols including customized diets for food product comparisons and customized questionnaires for product uses and human factor engineering. We recruit and enroll subjects on time and on budget. We also conduct study monitoring, statistical data analyses and we can publish results of the studies if desired.

Alimentix provides all types of clinical research services including:

Trial Preparation

  • Protocol Development
  • Study Design
  • Customized Diet Design
  • Informed Consent
  • Case Report Forms
  • Clinical Personnel Training

Study Start-Up

  • Forms Development
  • Clinical Study Training
  • Trial Registration
  • Site Preparation

Study Execution

  • Subject Recruitment
  • Study Monitoring and Auditing
  • Data Collection
  • Data/Diet Analysis
  • Biostatistical Analyses
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Quality Audits

Study Closure

  • Clinical Study Report Writing
  • FDA/FTC Submissions
  • Regulatory Services
  • Product Support
  • Publication Support
  • Speaker Support

In addition to our clinical trial and related support work, we can provide assistance with the following areas:

Development of Marketing Materials

  • Publications & Presentations
  • Ads, Brochures, & Monograph Development

Label Comprehension Studies

Human Factors Engineering Testing

  • Human Use Studies

Taste & Texture Studies

Cycle 5 – Joy Frestedt from MAPS Medical Pain Clinics on Vimeo.

Many of our trials are conducted at (MAPS Applied Research Center) MARC..