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The Minnesota Diet Research Center

How We Work

Our value proposition: Lower risk should equal lower cost.

With thousands of new products reaching the market each year, we believe the demand for novel research centers like Alimentix is increasing. Our value proposition is unique. Many research sites cost more because they are designed for high-risk products and require expensive oversight functions to ensure patient safety. We fill a specific niche by focusing effort directly on “low-risk” products with adequate and appropriately designed patient safety oversight features to control costs.

Our customized service: Specific claims should have specific data.

In this underserved market, we are experts in designing low cost and tightly focused clinical trials or literature reviews for low-risk products of all types. We provide scientifically rigorous data and we communicate the scientific information clearly and accurately to scientists, regulators and consumers. We provide scientific substantiation documents for health claims about foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements, natural products, low risk medical devices and over the counter drugs.

Our collaborative approach: We extend your team!

We work with you to find a cost and time effective option to complete your clinical, regulatory or quality development work. We have all the specialists you need to get concrete, dependable answers. We can design and conduct your clinical trial or we can conduct a literature review and write a clinical evidence report to substantiate your claim. We can also work with you to negotiate your position with regulatory authorities or to create your quality systems to meet regulatory requirements..