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The Minnesota Diet Research Center

About Us

Alimentix opened in January 2012. Within the first 6 months, Alimentix successfully completed its first full-scale clinical trial designed to substantiate a health effect claim with a test beverage for a beverage company in the food industry. With virtual operations and a dedicated staff in collaboration with multiple research site possibilities to conduct study visits, Alimentix is poised to grow rapidly! The success of the first six months in operation clearly demonstrates the need for this type of novel clinical trial center here in the US and specifically here in Minnesota. Alimentix was created to play a significant role in developing and providing scientific substantiation evidence for claims about non-significant risk products and Alimentix is dedicated to improving the experience of care by providing unparalleled excellence in clinical trial activities for dietary and non-significant risk related products. These trials are designed to provide clinical trial data to patient populations who are looking to actively manage their health conditions (e.g. by managing their diet). The knowledge imparted from these trials is expected to significantly improve health and significantly reduce the need and cost for healthcare. Having an investigative site such as Alimentix allows the food industry to fulfill an ethical obligation to provide truthful and not misleading information and aids consumers as they strive to verify the health claims they see on un-regulated (low risk) products..