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The Minnesota Diet Research Center

Dr. Frestedt appointed to the NSF Joint Committee on Generally Recognized as Safe Publicly Available Standard


Dr. Frestedt has been appointed to the “Joint committee on Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) Publicly Available Standard (PAS).” This group of internationally recognized leaders has just been formed to develop a guideline designed to help companies develop GRAS dossiers for internal record keeping and for potential submission to the US FDA. As a voting member of this scientific committee, Dr. Frestedt will be offering advice and counsel about GRAS dossiers and other food safety documents for companies with facilities around the world.

Dr. Frestedt commented “I am excited to join this distinguished panel and to provide technical guidance on the development of GRAS documents. This type of guidance document will be instrumentally helpful to companies like our own, Alimentix, the Minnesota Diet Center, which is focused on providing scientifically sound claim substantiation and safety evaluation documentation. This type of documentation is especially helpful when a company is trying to get a novel food or dietary supplement product into the US market. Alimentix also conducts clinical trials for low risk products used for a wide variety of purposes from weight loss to pain and movement management and human factors engineering.” 

NSF International has organized this panel and expects the development of the GRAS PAS to take a full year to complete. NSF stated “This committee will comprise a diverse group of individuals representing stakeholders in the categories of public health/regulatory, user, and industry.” The goal of the group will be “to work together to develop a strong and practical standard that can be used by a variety of stakeholders in making a determination that the use of a feed ingredient is properly regarded as GRAS.”

Dr. Frestedt and Alimentix will continue to work on a variety of GRAS submissions and clinical trials for various clients, so stay tuned for updates!


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