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The Minnesota Diet Research Center
Alimentix is a comprehensive clinical investigation center (clinical trial site) dedicated to conducting clinical trials for foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements, natural products, over the counter pharmaceuticals, and non-significant risk medical device products.
  • What We Do

    Alimentix provides scientific substantiation for “health effects” or “claims” with independent, timely, scientifically-designed clinical trials at a reasonable cost. We design clinical trials for minimal risk drugs and other low risk research activities: • Human factors testing • Label comprehension studies • Novel human interactions with foods, drugs, and devices
  • Why Alimentix

    You need fast, efficient, and comprehensive clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness of your product. Alimentix is the perfect combination of scientific expertise, business acumen, and reliable partner. You can verify your product’s qualities, meet your regulatory requirements, and get your product to the market—fast. You care about safety, effectiveness, and cost. So do we! We work to understand your business needs, provide the customization and flexibility you require, and guide you toward the result you want—seeing your product on shelves.